A show that brings
families together.

What is a Search Angel?

What it means to us

The terms “search angel” has been around for a lot of years and used in many ways. When we say it, we are referring to people who have a set of skills that help them determine a person’s biological family, and locate them. This can be a DNA or genealogy hobbyist, a private investigator, or just someone with a lot of grit and willingness to explore and learn. Some may say that search angels are only volunteers giving their free time. Though we have our individual opinions, we do not try and limit what the term can mean. We hope you will read on and consider our mission, and the world that we envision.

Why are you doing this?

"The moment that changed it for me, was when I understood
how many people were searching"

Every month in the United States, tens of thousands of people go online trying to find help to locate their birth parent(s) and birth families. There are certainly more that are wondering and aching for answers. The United States only represents 4.25% of the world population. If the same numbers apply to the rest of the world, it is safe to assume that there are MILLIONS of people out there searching. MILLIONS of people that need help. 

"Our mission is to help all those who are searching, to find their birth families."

This is nothing short of ambitious. The more people that we help, the more we are motivated. Each story is unique, and often bares tremendous challenges, but as we approach each case with love we are strengthened and supported by a power greater than us. As we share our experiences and the amazing stories of those searching, we have found healing and growth. 

  • Why a TV series?  Because we can reach a larger audience.
  • Why call it Search Angels The Series?  Because it’s the remarkable efforts of so called “search angels” that have helped so many already. 
  • How many seasons and episode will you create?  Right now our goal is to create the next episode. We hope to eventually create many seasons and many episodes.
  • How can I help make this show be a reality? You can donate to help fund the next episode here, or if you have a network, and want talk you can contact us here.

Focus Group Feedback

The pilot was shown to an anonymous group of reviewers, and here is some of their candid feedback.
“Best project I’ve viewed so far! Would like to have been able to see reunion, or any of the families, adoptive and/or biological with maybe a little of their input? But this show MUST go on!”
“I was hooked from the very beginning. My heart was invested in this person's journey and I wanted to know more and find out the outcome. The music (where added) made it feel like I was watching a movie (which was great) and added to the feel of the show. I experienced many feelings throughout and cried twice. I lived the counter at the end to close the show. Well done!”
“The documentary was simple, but well done. Good explanation of how the DNA and genealogy information are used to put relationships together. Several "tissue" moments confirm that the film captured my interest and emotions. When there is an emotional response, I consider the film a success. I was so glad that the filmmaker captured the moment Emily first met her dad. I would have been VERY disappointed if, after watching the search, we didn't get to see that. The film would be great information for those who are searching for loved ones. Well done.”